A Unique Educational & Cultural Experience for Students

International Schools and Teachers:  Are you looking for a unique educational and cultural experience for your students in Nepal?  You’ve come to the right place. Our educational and cultural immersion programs provide students with the opportunity to dig deep into culture, ecology, education, and adventure. We take care of all arrangements: airport pick-ups, meals, guides, accommodation, educational activities, and risk assessments. Moonlight Nepal Trekking and Adventure is one of the best travel companies in Nepal.

It has decades of experience providing the highest quality, tailored packaged trips in Nepal for international school students from around the world. We have a very strong health and safety record and guarantee your students’ visit to Nepal will be filled with experiences that will provide lifelong memories. An adventure with Moonlight Nepal Trekking offers international school students the chance to experience the captivating views and physical exhilaration of trekking in the most famous mountain range in the world, the Himalaya, along with an opportunity to personally engage with Nepali people.

In addition, our programs also allow international students to spend time co-learning with students at the Moonlight School through participation in classroom games, teach lessons, and experience cultural interactions. Previous international school students who have traveled with us unanimously agree that while the mountains and trails of Nepal are amazing, their most memorable experiences are time spent sharing the music, dance, smiles and beautiful culture of the Nepalese people and the Moonlight School students.